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A Pet Friendly Dog Bakery: Sharing the Special Moments & Being a Core Part of the Community

Steph Johnson, General Manager of A Pet Friendly Dog Bakery located in Manayunk, Philadelphia has been open since January 2018 and has already become the center of the dog community in the local area.

Chances are if you follow any Philly Dogs on Instagram, they have been to A Pet Friendly Dog Bakery and enjoyed a treat or 2 from the shop. Known to make some of the most creative and delicious treat-o's in the area for pups, Steph and her team also sell other dog supplies and even host events.

Listen to this episode to find out about all the special moments Steph gets to proudly be part of in the doggies lives, learn about one of the weirdest baked goods she shipped off and find out ways that this small business still finds ways to give back...they really give back!

Ryan and Paige had such a fun time talking with Steph... believe it or not our conversation was over an hour long, but of course we cut it down and wrapped it up into a fun 27 minutes.

At the end of this episode Steph mentions a local woman who is collecting dog and cat food, leaving it out on her door step at certain times, and encouraging families who may not be able to afford their pets food right now, to pick up what they need, completely judgement free. If you know anyone who is doing this, please reach out to us on our instagram: @tailsandales_philly- we would love to know more about this and link to it here in our show notes.

Follow A Pet Friendly Bakery on:

And don't forget, they are open for curb-side pick-up

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