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Laurie Baum Ties Together Spirituality, Empowerment and Creativity In Her Business

Laurie Baum, better known as the @the.knot.chick on Instagram, creates macramé pieces that will fill your space with positive energy. Her bio on Instagram says "hand knotted with love" and sincerely, she really does put her whole heart into every piece.

In this episode Ryan and Paige, co-hosts of the Behind the Leash Podcast, had the pleasure of speaking with Laurie regarding all the faucets of what she used to do as a side-hustle but took on full time during the pandemic. In this episode, Laurie opens up and discusses mental health, therapy and healing. All of this lead her on her journey that brought her to create "The Knot Chick", a hobby that she turned into a business.

Before you listen to this episode, you need to know that Laurie was one of the kindest guests we have had on the show. She was natural, fun, open and truly humbled. This journey that she is on, is one that she is thankful for. She doesn't take any order for granted and in fact appreciates every order more than you know.

Speaking as a co-host of the show and as the editor, this was an episode I had just as much fun recording as I did editing. Seriously, I started laughing to myself as I was cutting audio and was torn between what I should keep and what I needed to forgo to create a cohesive episode. ,

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