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Meet Red's Pack

First, Meet Red

Red was a Redtick Hound Mix with so much energy and a huge heart. Red was adopted in January 2019 by Paige & Ryan after stealing their heart at the PSPCA in Fishtown.

The floppy ear guy brought Ryan and Paige so much joy. He was their first dog in their first apartment together. Unfortunately, within months of adopting Red, he passed away due to unknown complications and issues that multiple vets couldn't get to the bottom of. Red left a hole in Paige & Ryan's heart that they intend to fill by giving back to adoption centers that care for their animals and making sure that other dogs are placed in loving homes.

Our home is open to any and all dogs and is a place for dogs to socialize, play and have fun while their owners go on vacation or enjoy a day out of the house. We know caring for a dog can be hard-work and it's okay to take a break from your best friend. That's why we are here to make your life just a little easier. We promise, your dog is in good hands.

We now have had the pleasure of serving over 100 different dogs in the Philadelphia area. It has been absolutely wonderful getting to be part of these dogs lives and being able to provide them with a loving home away from home. 

We recently have adopted another pup since Red; his name is Cody. We adopted Cody in Feb. 2022 and he is truly enjoying all of his playdates. Cody is a little beagle boy with a BIG bark and enthusiastic attitude. 

To keep up with our story and stay updated on Cody, Paige, Ryan and all of our boarding and daycare adventures, follow us on Instagram: @tailsandales_philly.

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Dog lover, Travel Enthusiast & Social Media Guru

Hi! My name is Paige and I am a Jersey Girl at heart. 

Pet sitting hasn't always been a passion of mine. Actually, working with dogs wasn't ever a career path I thought about taking. But here we are.... all because of Red.

My heart wasn't ready to adopt again anytime soon after Red, but I couldn't stop being around dogs so I started trying to find people in my area with dogs that might need a walk or pet sitting services.

If you choose to board your dog with us, they won't ever be alone.

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Dog Whisperer, Buffalo Mac & Cheese Lover and Expert Mechanic

Hi, My name is Ryan and like Paige, I am also a Philadelphia Transplant.

I got my first family dog, Cosmo when I was 14 years old. Cosmo is an adorable labradoodle that is still alive and looks forward to his frosty paws each night (yes, he is a bit spoiled now in his older age). 

I always knew I wanted to adopt my own dog one day, but I never imagined that I would get to watch multiple dogs a month and provide these pups with the love and attention they deserve while their pawrent(s) is away.

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