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Digital Marketing with Paige: Sales Lead

Digital Marketing with Paige

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Paige has 10 years of experience working in digital marketing and developing online strategies for small business owners s around the world. Her expertise is in understanding social media management and community building, but has an immense understanding of how to continue conversations with target audiences outside of online communities and social platforms. 

As a small business owner herself, Paige has only used organic marketing strategies to build a business that is booked out 4+ months in advance.

Tails and Ales, a dog boarding, walking and daycare business, started in April 2020 and by January 2021, Paige had built an email list of 450 locally based dog owners, gained 1,000 followers on Instagram that live in the business radius and watched over 60 different dogs.  

Although these numbers don't seem big, for small businesses, it is extremely important to build a loyal and engaged audience vs gaining followers that aren't interested in their services.

Paige is lucky enough to get to work everyday not only with dogs but also get to use organic marketing to continue to reach her audience and share her story. 

Now she wants to help you, a local small business owner build your online presence, reach your target audience and hit monthly income goals by creating a strategy that makes sense for you. 

Learn about: Reels, hashtag strategies, building a content calendar, creating automated emails, building a website that is user friendly and engaging with the right people.

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