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Paige and Ryan: Just Us, No Dogs.

In this [unedited] episode of the Behind the Leash podcast you get an inside look (for 14 minutes) of Ryan and Paige’s first day without dogs in almost a year….but of course they are still talking about them!

Paige and Ryan are the co-hosts of The Behind the Leash Podcast and the owners of Tails and Ales Philly.

When it comes to time off, Ryan and Paige don’t know how to do ‘nothing’, but they do know how to have fun! Tails and Ales is always a topic of discussion at the dinner table but they

keep the conversation light and enjoyable.

In this episode, Paige and Ryan tell you about River Twine, the largest Tiny House Hotel (HINT: It is dog friendly), the 5 breweries that are a 90 second OR LESS walk away and how you NEED to visit. They also talk about the plans they have for the rest of the trip and a few other things like Tails and Ales apparel while they sip on some local brews.


Tails and Ales Philly is a dog walking, dog daycare and dog boarding business located in Brewerytown. Owned by Paige and Ryan, we manage the business out of our home so the environment is small and the service is customized to fit your dogs needs and wants.

When you are looking to go on a vacation, send your dog somewhere they will feel at home and safe.

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