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REDFIN Shares "Hidden Gems in Philadelphia"

So many AMAZING hidden gems featured in this article, including our favorite, Bad Brother. READ THE FULL BLOG POST ON THEIR SITE "Regarded as “The City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia, PA is best known for its rich history, world-famous cheesesteaks, and vibrant art and music culture. While there are many famous attractions to check out like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the LOVE statue, there are also many lesser-known hidden gems that only a local would know about. Whether you are considering living in Philadelphia, renting an apartment in the Washington Square West neighborhood, or just playing tourist for the week, we reached out to locals to share their best-hidden gems in Philadelphia from favorite restaurants to must-see locations. See what they had to share."

Read the full blog post This REDFIN blog was written by Ryan Castillo.

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