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Portfishington Pets & E. Hasier Photography: Collaboration, Instagram Network & New Business

This episode was FUN! Seriously.

I loved everything about our two special guests, Shari Starr of Portfishington Pets, custom dog apparel located right in Port Richmond/Fishtown & Elizabeth Hasier, wedding and elopement photographer right here in Philly, too.

So how are these 2 connected? Well, Shari of Portfishington Pets creates custom sweatshirts, collars, bandanas, harnesses and more for Paul (@riskitallpaul), Elizabeth's Greyhound pup!

In this episode Elizabeth and Shari share the story behind their collaboration, provide insights into their businesses, and give genuine advice when it comes to their 'marketing strategies'.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about these ladies and the amazing businesses that they have created. They are humble about their accomplishments and truly enjoy every second they get doing what they love- creating.

If you want to order a custom piece for your pup (collar, bandana, harness, sweatshirt, sweater, bowtie or something else) please reach out to Portfishtington Pets on Instagram and you can send her DM to order:

If you are getting married, engaged or want couple photos with your new pup, Elizabeth is YOUR GIRL!

You can find her on instagram:

Or Find out more on her website:

Want to follow Paul's journey on Instagram?

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