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Be Great Bowties: Growing A Successful Brand Through Connection, Feedback & Innovation

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

In this episode of the Behind the Leash Podcast, Paige and Ryan are joined by Thomas C. Konx, founder of Be Great Bowties.

Be Great Bowties founder, Thomas C. Knox shares his very first mistake as a business owner, what happened just hours before he tried to pull the plug on his business and most importantly how he got HERE, where he is today.

This episode is one I wish I didn't have to cut to under 40 minutes. Thomas shared so much insight to what it means to be an entrepreneurs, how to be the best business owner and the importance of a team. Sometimes we all forget that the most successful businesses were able to scale and grow because of the TEAM. The team helps not just the business grow, but also the owner, and Thomas is grateful for that support.

It is admirable to hear how thankful Thomas is for all the curveballs life has thrown at him. When it comes to his business, Thomas says his mistakes are the opportunities that have lead him to be successful and innovative. If you should take anything away from this episode it should, number 1, be the craziest WiFi name that he has seen pop up on his phone...and second (seriously the most important), is that passion, gratitude and innovation are the most important pieces to running a successful business.

Enjoy this episode of the Behind the Leash Podcast, a podcast for business owners, entrepreneurs and side-hustlers in the Philadelphia area.

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