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Dames Vintage Emporium: Transitioning to Selling Online via Etsy and Instagram

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

In this episode Paige and Ryan sit down to speak with Alane Dame.

Dames Vintage Emporium is an online vintage store that you can find on Etsy and Instagram. Owned and run by Alane Dame, vintage guru, with help from Bella Stern, the marketing and strategic brains, this team is ready to take on the online vintage scene by storm. Dames Vintage Emporium wasn't always online, and in this episode Alane offers a behind the scenes look into the amount of time it takes to run an online business.

In this episode Paige and Ryan get to learn more about the story behind the clothing and how Alane started growing her unique and well cared for inventory. Alane shares what it is like continuing to educate herself everyday not just when it comes to vintage but when it comes to photography and marketing, too.

The most exceptional thing about Alane is that she is a walking billboard for her business. She may never have literal sold a shirt off her back, but with the compliments and questions she gets everywhere she goes, she gets pretty dang close (seriously! Listen to this episode to hear some of these stories).

Even if you aren't a huge fan of vintage or clothing, this is an episode I highly recommend. Even Ryan was really enjoying himself.

Make sure you continue following the Dames Vintage Emporium adventure via Instagram or Facebook and by checking back in on new inventory on Etsy, too. Feel free to reach out to Alane via DM even if it is just to say hi and connect.


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